Phoenix Laser Solutions is a leading provider of laser welding services for the medical manufacturing industry. We recently laser welded titanium implants used to treat spinal injuries for a medical device manufacturer. The implants are designed to provide support and stability to the spine, and they must be able to withstand repeated sterilization processes without compromising their functionality.


The challenge for our customer was to choose a vendor that could meet their demanding volume and turnaround schedule, while still producing high-quality welds with minimal heat input and pinpoint precision. This was important because the implants are made of titanium, which is a sensitive material that can easily deform if it is exposed to too much heat. Titanium is also among the more difficult alloys to weld because it is prone to impurities and micro-cracking.

Solution / Results

Our medical device weld team fusion welded the locking pins into the device housing with .020” penetration. The laser welding process offers exceptional control over the weld penetration depth and allows us to produce high-quality welds with minimal heat input and pinpoint precision.

For this project specifically, our engineering team designed a custom fixture that would saturate the weld locations with an argon atmosphere to prevent the oxidation and micro-cracking that are common when welding titanium. Once titanium is exposed to heat above 400 degrees Celsius, oxygen and nitrogen can diffuse into the material causing the weld zone to become very brittle. We have a specialized group of operators for our medical assemblies who work in a clean environment, separate from the rest of our operators that deal with more crude components.

By utilizing multiple operators on two-shifts, our team welded up to 500 pieces a week. Additionally, we leveraged our in-house metallography lab and inspection team to ensure quality welds met the customer’s required specifications. Lastly, we analyzed cross sections of the weld on the first, middle, and last piece of each batch to validate consistent results.




Laser welding with Phoenix Laser Solutions offers several benefits for medical device manufacturers. The process is precise, consistent, and can withstand repeated sterilization processes. This ensures a reliable and effective product that can lead to improved patient outcomes and reduced costs.

Key Advantages of Laser Welding for Medical Implants:
• Minimal Heat Affected Zone: Laser welding produces a very small heat-affected zone, resulting in seamless and strong welds. This is crucial for medical implants, as it minimizes the risk of material degradation and ensures the integrity of the device. The implants also will not warp or deform.
• Corrosion / Sterilization Resistance: Laser welding is essential in the medical welding field, due to its ability to produce implants that are highly resistant to corrosion and can withstand repeated sterilization processes. This ensures the longevity and safety of the implanted devices.
• Non-Contact Process: Laser welding is a non-contact process, eliminating the risk of contamination or damage to delicate parts. This is particularly important for medical grade components, as it minimizes the risk of introducing impurities or compromising the delicate structures of the parts. Laser welding does not introduce any foreign materials into the implants, which can increase their biocompatibility.
• Versatility and Intricate Designs: Laser welding is a versatile process that can accommodate a wide range of designs, allowing for the production of intricate medical assemblies with complex geometries. This opens up new possibilities for the development of innovative medical solutions.


Laser Welding’s precision and flexibility make it an invaluable tool in the medical field. We utilize this technology every day to assemble high-quality implants and instruments that can improve the lives of patients.

The minimal heat affected zone, corrosion resistance, non-contact nature, and versatility of laser welding make it an ideal choice for assembling components that meet the demanding requirements of the medical field. Our commitment to quality and innovation for our customers has resulted in products that are both life-changing and durable.

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