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Providing an advanced and responsive lab service with over 40 years of experience.

Phoenix Laser Solutions now offers an array of metallographic services 

 With our State-of-the-Art on-site Metallographic Lab within our manufacturing facility, we can respond quickly to your needs.  We provide a complete all-in-one service, from precision part sectioning through report and technical evaluation from our team of engineers. 

At Phoenix Laser Solutions, we believe that quality and accuracy are of utmost importance. Our Met Lab Suite is equipped with the most advanced technology available, allowing us to offer unmatched and superior servuce to you, our customer, including but not limited to: 

Sample Preparation

  • Precision Part Sectioning 
  • Sample Mounting (1.5” ø Hot Mount)
  • Sample Polishing
  • Sample Etching

Image Analysis

  • High Resolution Micro and Macro Photography
  • Grain Size Measurements
  • 2D Stitching
  • 2D Measurements
  • 3D Mapping
  • 3D Measurements
  • Porosity Sizing
  • Porosity Area Fractions
  • Plating Thickness


  • Case Hardness Depth
  • Micro Hardness Traverse (Vickers and Knoop)
  • Macro Hardness (Rockwell B & C and Brinell)
  • Auto-Hardness Test / Hardness Map

Additional Services

  • Weld Analysis
  • Positive Material Identification (Metal Composition/Alloy Detection)
  • Microstructure Analysis/Evaluation